Week 5: Social Media


Implicit Assumption worthy of considering:  Do all of our students have equal access?  Is it possible that integrating these tools widens achievement gaps?

For your twitter post this week, please find something to share that contributes to a conversation around accessibility, Bring Your Own Device Policies or equity in regards to digital integration and strategies that help bridge / remedy outcome discrepancies.


What is social media?

From About Tech:

social media

Examples of Social Media:


Common characteristics (again from Daniel Nations from About Tech):

  • Personal User Account and Profile Page
  • Friends, followers, groups, etc. – people connecting
  • News feeds – through subscriptions, following, etc.
  • Updates, posts,
  • Like buttons, comment buttons. etc.

Keeping in mind the previous conversations surrounding Digital Citizenship  and some of the problematic uses of social media, lets consider the applications / benefits of utilizing social media as a tool for learning.


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