Week 4: Google Apps

WARNING:  THIS WEEK ESPECIALLY,  REMEMBER THE SAMR MATRIX.  Consider if the tools enable you (or not) to positively transform particular learning opportunities / your classroom.


Current Yukon students and teachers use an application/platform called ‘First Class’.  Used by many institutions, First Class has many functions including email, document creation, calendar function, bulletin board,  instant messaging, cloud storage, etc.  Schools use it to share information (primarily text content).


While functional, many teachers are utilizing ‘Google Apps’ with their students (for many many reasons) to redefine the kinds of work students can do and how they do it.  This is very similar to how Yukon College would like to utilize Office 365.  Firstclass, Office 365, Google Apps – each of these platforms seek to allow you to access your work remotely (on multiple devices), facilitate collaboration and ultimately improve productivity.

While not official, there is some indication that the Department of Education is exploring  ‘Google Apps for Classroom’ to replace and expand First Class (do not quote me here).


Module 3:  The Work

The purpose of this Module to explore the uses of Google Apps and learn to utilize a few of them. 

Some tips for this week:

  • You will need a google account.
  • Google apps seem to work best using the Chrome browser – get it.
  • You can get apps for your google profile (free) – get google docs, google drive, google forms, google calendar, google hangout as starters.
  • You will need to download some ‘screen cast’ software.  I will use ‘Screencast-O-Matic’ and create a little screen cast of my own to show you how to use it.

Check out how I have integrated some simple google documents into my WordPress page.  Note the Course Syllabus Page, Course Outline Page and Calendar pages.


To Get Started (thanks again to Milissa Gavel here):

  1. Review this presentation: 32 Ways to Use Google Apps in Schools
  2. Read this article:What do schools risk by going Full Google? 
  3. Watch Google Classroom 101
  4. Read – Google Classroom Review
  5. Using Google forms create a survey that could act as a pre-assessment for a unit (to see what students know about a topic).  Embed this form into your WordPress site under the Tech Task Menu.  Create a separate ‘page’ for this.  For tips with how to embed the completed form watch my very quick screen cast.
  6. Access and share my Google Calendar for the ECMP course.  Add it to your own website under the Tech Task menu.
  7. Choose one ‘Google App’ that you would like to learn.  Spend some time researching options and uses.  Sign Up here.
  8. Create a short ‘screen cast’ tutorial explaining how you could use a particular app (be very specific here – give a specific example relating to a specific lesson/outcome).  Show in your screen cast the features of the particular app and a mini sample of what the students work would look like.
  9. Post your Tutorial on your WordPress site.


My screen cast of how to use “Screen-O-Matic” is below.