Week 10: Applications Supported by Yukon Education









There are an endless number of software options to learn and use.  YIKES!

This week you will get a chance to see what software Yukon Education currently mounts on their ‘disk image’.  TAL (Teacher Assisted Learning) at Yukon Education also provides support and training for these programs software.

As noted, the Department of Education also installs all of these software packages on computers purchased by teachers through the ‘Cost Sharing Program’ – where you can purchase laptops and Ipads with the Department.  It is a really good deal aimed at giving more teachers access to tech.

While you can really use anything you want as a teacher there are some perks to using these apps – namely you do not have to pay for them, all of your students will have access to these apps on Dept. machines and if you can’t figure something out, you can call someone for help.

For a list of supported applications go to Mike Snider’s site.

Mike is one of the Technology Assisted Learning folks at the Department of Education.

A key principal that the TAL folks are interested in promoting is that they would like students to use information technology to produce – not to consume!

Again, use the SAMR template to consider how the use of software can enhance, redefine, improve the learning experience.  THIS IS ESSENTIAL

To stretch our consideration of SAMR and Bloom’s taxonomy, take a look at this


On that matrix, the vertical access in very important.  Consider what characteristics (of the learning environment) best support the enrichment of the learning.


At a glance, looking at the list of these apps students could:

Create comic books, create a song, create an ibook, create a word map (visual organizer), create a movie, stop motion video, etc…

But, how could these tools be used to transform the traditional classroom?

For an overview of programs on the disk image check out this google doc:

Google Doc – Dept. Apps


Tech Task:

This week you are required to think up an assignment / task that will be made more interesting, more engaging, better, through the use of one of these applications.  Choose a learning outcomes and briefly create an activity or task for students to complete.  Then create a sample project and publish on your blog site, under ‘Tech Tasks’