Week 1: Psychological / Philosophical Considerations



Welcome to ECMP 355’s Week 1 Module!


The above image is borrowed from the Blog of a previous ECMP 355 instructor at the U of R – Millisa Gavel.

While this course does include reading, hearing, seeing, discussing, the ‘Modules’ will give you an opportunity to ‘create and do’.  It is only through ‘DOING’ that you will gain adequate understanding to consider ways to enhance student learning through using technology.  This takes time but it is time well spent.

During this first week I want to break open some of the more critical perspectives relating to the proliferation of digital technology and social networking, as a way to problematize the nieve assumption that using technology in the classroom helps kids learn and that technology is simply a neutral tool.

There are many contrasting tensions that we need to be aware of as educators, in order to maintain a sense of agency and effectiveness in our practice.


Task 1: Required Reading / Viewing this Week and Response:

Read / Watch the following.  Write a personal reponse outlining what struck you, what resonated with you and what you disagreed with (250 Words max).  Post your response to my discussion board.

Hint:  As you read / watch, take notes on on both the content being presented and you response.  The key question:  What viewpoints are being put forth?  What can you take away to make you a better teacher?

Postman Reading – technopoly-neil-postman (Read Chapter 1)

The_Impact_of_Digital_Technologies_on_Learning_FULL_REPORT_(2012) – Skim

Read:  Screens in Schools are a $60 million Hoax

Task 2:  Complete Student Survey