Digital Citizenship Lab Task

Today’s lab is pretty straight forward:

We will be researching resources to support ways to meaningfully covey the concepts/skills embedded within the notion of digital citizenship with students.  You can utilize our collaborative Google Docs – Digital Citizenship Part I, II.

In short:

  • Search and recommend (of course providing some critical insight) a resource that will help teachers ‘teach’ an aspect of digital citizenship.  Here we are doing two things – finding a content specific resource and also thinking about what good teaching looks like.  Post this to your blog.
  • The remainder of the lab will be spent working on your final project.


October 14th – Lab Tasks

For your twitter post this week, please find ‘tweets’ that contribute to a conversation around:

Accessibility, Bring Your Own Device Policies and Equity in regards to digital integration and strategies that help bridge / remedy outcome discrepancies (3 posts).



Also find five education related Twitter folks and follow.  (Creating a professional development network)

***After snooping around and informing yourself on the numerous factors to consider, write a blog post reflecting on the BYOD debate.  Would you plan classroom activities that allowed students to use their own device?  Explain why or why not?  What would you have to be sensitive too?

Complete any outstanding work (posting your tutorial, blog posts, etc.).  Ask for help with anything…